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I hated looking for healthy weight loss tips on the Internet with a passion!

Back in 6th grade, kids use to call me "Harbour". Long story short when I was in 6th grade I used to weigh as much a grown Harbour Porpoise which is around 132 lbs. yeah, I was a very big boy!

Well when I finally decided to become healthy and start losing weight I turned to our, sometimes good friend, the Internet. Looking for quality information of how to actually lose weight, that was actually useful was so freaking hard. I mean hours upon hours I sat in front of my computer running onto sites that all read...

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"Unlock The Secrets of Losing Weight!"... "Lose Weight Fast, Easy, and in your sleep! "...

There was always a catch..

"All For 10 easy payments of $19.99" or some baloney like that.

Now I weigh 170 lbs. down from a whooping 240 lbs. yup, I became an even bigger boy!

I really don't want anyone who just wants to get healthy and finally become happy with themselves going through all that hassle. I want others who are just looking for some real, honest, and best of all actually free weight loss information to just have.

Not buy it.

That's why I'm writing this and that's why I made my website site, to help you accomplish your dreams of losing weight!

Okay so straight to the weight loss information you've been looking for.

Weight Loss Tips...
(These are actually some of the tips I used to lose weight).

Don't Use The Word "Diet". Every time I put myself on a "diet" I always failed because I would end up breaking it and gaining the weight back again. Why? The reason diets don't work is because your depriving yourself. Once you deprive yourself of something don't you crave for it like crazy? Have A Cheat Day. No that doesn't mean cheat on your significant other! Nope, it means one day out the week eat everything and anything that you want. Why? That way you're not depriving yourself of what you love to eat. Which means your not craving for it because you know you can have that piece of pie on Friday or which ever day you choose. So eat "good" for the week then for one day, YOU FEAST! Write It Out. Write down everything you eat, what you're feeling, write down how much you weighed on day one compared to day, say seven. Why? Just start writing things down, it will help you track your progress, give you motivation to keep going, and will allow you to make adjustments if need. Adjustment on the types of food you're eating, supplements, etc Drink Water. Water is one of the most vital things you need to start losing weight. Why? Drinking water will give you a boost in energy to help you run that extra mile. Which in-turn will help you burn more calories. Eat More Spicy Food. Eating spicy food can increase your metabolism. So next time you cook take it up a notch! Add a little hot chili pepper or some hot sauce, basically anything spicy. Why? Eating spicy food earlier in the day has been shown to lower appetite. Portions. Watch your portions. Why? Having too much of anything is bad for you. A good measurement that I used was using the 'Handful Method'. If it looked like a handful then that was a good portion. A "handful" of mashed potatoes, almonds, etc. Chew Gum. Yup, chewing gum is on the weight loss tips list because it has been shown to burn more calories. Why? Chewing gum "tricks" your body into thinking that your eating which means it'll start up your metabolism. You shouldn't just chew gum all day though. You should still eat every few hours. Sleep. Not sleeping the full 6-8 hours a night isn't going to help you very much on your weight loss goals. I have to say getting a full nights rest is a very important tip to lose weight. Why? Sleeping allows your body to recover from your daily exercises. Not letting the body recover will only slow you down from reaching your goals. Take Pictures. At first you will see little to no changes in your body, but after you start noticing your love handles to disappear then you will stop at nothing to reach the finish line. Why? Say cheese!! Taking pictures of yourself everyday or every time you weigh-in will further motivate you to keep going. Set Time Frames. For example, if you started your weight loss journey on Jan. 1. 2010, have your achievement date on Feb. 1. 2010. In that time frame your goal is to say lose 10 lbs. Why? Setting time frames for yourself will keep you from slacking off. Watch Your Salt. You need salt, it's needed for your body to work properly, but having too much can really affect your weight loss progress. Why? Salt makes you retain water so it'll make it seem like you haven't lost anything, but in reality you have lost some weight. So cut down on the sodium. Please Eat Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast determines how you will eat throughout the day. Why? If you skip it you're most likely going to snack on food that you will regret next time you step on the scale. If you have a big, healthy breakfast then you're most likely going to stick to your meal plan. Try To Eat Every 2-3 Hours. Eating every 2-3 hours will keep your metabolism burning so try snacking on some healthy food every couple of hours. Why? I used to eat almonds and fruit every couple hours. So I was never hungry and my metabolism was on burning mode. Aim For 1-2 Lbs. A Week. Losing 1-2 lbs. a week is a very reasonable goal. It's realistic, it's attainable, and its a healthy weight loss. Why? Losing more can actually put your body into "starvation mode". Meaning that your body thinks that there's a "shortage" of food so it will keep you from losing more weight. Don't Skip Meals. This has the same concept as in weight loss tip #9. Why? Your body will think there's a "shortage" of food so it will hang on to the fat in your body, just in case the "shortage" gets worst. So skipping meals actually does the opposite of what we want, which is to lose the unwanted weight.

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