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One of the more popular weight loss pills is Alli available over the counter whose medication name is Orlistat and in prescription strength the medication is Xenical which requires a doctor's prescription. Our focus here will be the over the counter strength Alli. In my research into this medication was does it work. Further examination has shown that, yes, it does work.

For all intents and purposes Alli is a fat blocker which works by keeping our body from absorbing the fat from food we eat. One notable and comforting fact is the FDA backs its claim to aid in weight loss. For this medication to properly interact with your weight loss program is to use it as a supplement aiding in your weight loss and not to feel that because you are using Alli that you can eat any food as you please. This is not true; it is just a supplement in your program of weight loss.

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With what has been discussed thus far you would think all is well with Alli, but as with all medications there are some side effects which seem to affect the digestive and bowl functions. Some of the effects to note in the beginning that they may experience loose stools and even diarrhea to the point of experiencing bowel incontinence. A word to the wise is if that you wear dark clothing to work, even have handy an extra set of clothing because when the urge arises you will need to quickly answer the call.

Studies do show that weight lose with Alli cannot be target with saying that you will have a 10% decrease in body mass but the studies did show that some subjects did have at least 5% decrease when used in conjunction with a diet subjected to a controlled caloric intake in relation to the desired target.

With the greater mass of people being somewhat over weight and suffering ill effect to their health, as always it is noted that the risk to developing type 2 diabetes is reduced through a controlled plan. No magic wand is available to twirl around us to magically make fat disappear but your determination and reasonable use with a product such as Alli will make losing weight attainable.

One last note, whenever undertaking a program weight loss, it is always best to visit with your physician seeking his guidance and wisdom in how to be successful with your weight loss program.

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