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Just thinking about weight loss is not enough. You should go for permanent plan that can help you a long way. You should join such weight loss plan which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the results for long time. If results are not for long term then you should work out to retain the reduced weight. It is not difficult at all and by putting some effort you can achieve that. Here are some top weight loss tips to retain the educed weight and these will never allow weight to increase again. Exercise is considered to be the top most priority if you are going for weight loss.

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Even if you just think about weight loss then may be the exercise will be the first idea to come in your mind. It allows you to keep yourself in healthy state and lets you enjoy fitness. It gives you a long term weight loss and also helps in weight loss maintenance. But to get the results, you have to be punctual in it. You have to go for exercise on daily basis. Just doing exercise when you get time is not a great idea. Make a schedule and manage time for your exercise daily. Anytime you think you will be free is great for exercise as you have to do this with free mind. Spending 30 minutes daily on your exercise is enough to get great results.

Food diary is an effective way to check out your daily intake. Just take out some time daily and fill out your food diary. Write down what you have eaten and also the hunger level you had before eating. As some meal works as appetizer and instead of feeling yourself full, you feel hungrier. So, it is a great idea to write down all such stuff and then avoid it to maximum extent. As these are basic reasons that increase your weight, you feel hungrier by eating such meal and then want to eat more and more. Furthermore, it helps you being focused towards your goal and to check out your whole diet process through out the weight loss journey.

Top weight loss is considered not to be just smart and to reduce weight; in fact it is to stay healthy. It has been noticed that this change in idea gives a boost to your motivation that you are working not just to shed extra kilos but to keep yourself healthy and perfect. It will be better for you if consult your doctor or nutritionist as he is the one who can give you a perfect diet plan keeping your individuality and health in mind.

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