Drop Those Pounds and Keep Them Off With a Weight Loss Chart

Many of us want to lose weight, whether you're looking to shed a few extra pounds around the middle or require a more drastic shift the principles are the same.

However the sad truth is that 90% of weight loss attempts fail. That's only a 1 in 10 success rate; it's a very well known and discouraging statistic. But what isn't so clear is why 90% fail? And what is responsible for the success of that lucky 10%.

Well there are some diets that are just idiotic, like the apple diet. Eating only apples day in, day out well dah!?! Of course that isn't sustainable. These are the obvious dieting don'ts but there are many diets based on sound scientific nutritional information that still don't yield the weight loss promised. Are the diets to blame or are you missing something?

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I would argue that the missing ingredient that turns weight loss failure to weight loss success is motivation.

That's not to say that you are not motivated now. You may be really unhappy with your weight; losing weight may be the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning or the last thought before bed each night. But what about the rest of the day?

How committed do you feel when you're reaching for a sneaky evening snack? How motivated do you feel at the end of a hard days work, would you prefer to go to the gym for a quick workout or home to relax in front of the television?

This is when you need to have an extra motivation boost.

Here is how a weight loss chart will help. Weight loss charts give you the opportunity to observe and record your behaviors. Because it is your behaviors that have led you to this point, lugging around a bunch of extra weight that you just don't want. If you don't change these behaviors you will never have lasting weight loss and you can't change anything until you realize what is wrong.

A weight loss chart may show you that the chips you ate after dinner undid all the effort you put in at the gym. You may discover that your diet isn't too bad and that all you need to do is cut back your portion sizes. If your diet and exercise needs a complete overhaul isn't it better to find out sooner rather than later? To take steps to correct your habits before they do permanent damage to your health and self esteem?

Your chart will also begin to direct your behavioral changes. You may look forward to recording the excellent workout you did in the gym and ticking off a job well done. Having to record your behavior may make you think twice when you go to eat an unhealthy snack when bored.

The chart makes you accountable for your behaviors. For added incentive have someone else check your chart regularly. If you know that your doctor, weight loss coach or personal trainer is going to chew you out over your weekly choices you might be motivated to make better ones.

Best of all you can record the results. What could be more empowering than looking at a visual representation of the weight loss journey you have taken? To compare your starting weight to the body you now posses? You'll also have a record of the behaviors that have led to this new slimmer you, behaviors that can help you stay healthy for life.

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