Managing Pregnancy and Weight Loss Altogether

For about 2 decades already, there has been a generally accepted proposition that pregnant women should gain some weight or are expected to gain weight due to the ever growing fetus inside their womb. However, recent studies point out that this must be re-examined. In fact, the opposite may be true. Losing some weight during pregnancy may prove to be a lot better since this reduces the risk of neural tube defects in newborn babies. Still, there has to be some limits to this claim because too much weight loss can also be a cause for alarm.

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Weight Loss: What is Okay? How About Too Much?

Generally pregnant women, who are at the same time obese, have a broader leeway of losing weight therapeutically. This means that they can be advised to lose more weight so that they can deliver healthier babies. In this situation, weight is still okay.

On the other hand, obese women most especially those who don't engage in many activities prior to being pregnant, can simply start an exercise routine so that they can trim down the unnecessary fats. They can seek the guidance of their doctors so that their overall weight progress can be monitored properly. In most cases, moderate exercise is the ideal type of activity to be involved into.

The concern comes in when the pregnant woman is already underweight before getting pregnant. She really needs to have a healthier diet so that she won't end up losing more weight. If she exercises more, she may be depriving her growing fetus with enough nourishment. Only mild exercises are prescribed for her case.

Thus, a small amount of weight loss is good for regular or normal weight women. A greater amount of weight loss is beneficial for obese women. For underweight would-be mothers, maintaining or gaining some weight may be the better path. A reasonable amount of weight loss that is dependent on the pregnant mother's case is truly the best option. Too much weight to the point of becoming somewhat dehydrated is already one of the weight loss warnings for pregnant women.

The Usual Cause of Weight Loss In Pregnancy

In several instances, women will lose weight without even knowing it. It is probably because pregnancy and weight are very much connected to each other. The latter is almost always caused by a series of vomiting episodes as well as the constant feel of being nauseated. Because of the action of maternal hormones, pregnant women experience this 'morning sickness' which ends up making them undernourished.

Managing The Cause of Too Much Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Nevertheless, there are many ways to counter this normal occurrence.

* Eat small meals, slowly but frequently. Because nausea usually kicks in early in the morning upon awakening, pregnant women must have a piece of bread or crackers at their bedside so that they can readily eat one before literally getting out of bed.

* Avoid greasy foods and irritating (strong) aromas. These will most likely induce nausea.

* If ever things get out of hand, the doctor can always prescribe the recommended anti nausea or vomiting medications to help manage the symptoms. Nonetheless, this is not always advisable.

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