Fat and Weight Loss - Eliminate These 2 Foods in Order to Lose Weight

When you commit to a weight loss program, you need to obtain all the information that will help you on your way to weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. It is important to identify the foods in your diet that caused you to gain weight and that are detrimental to any fat and weight loss goals. This article discusses 2 foods that you need to eliminate in order to lose weight.

Any weight loss program should include ways in which your metabolism can be increased. When your metabolic rate is increased, it allows for more calories to be burned every day which will lead to greater increased fat burning and weight loss.

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Often, the food that we eat contains too many additives and processes that are increasing the toxicity of the foods we eat as well as confusing our natural metabolism. This is increasing our weight to dangerous levels as well as increasing our risk to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Obesity and diseases such as diabetes are skyrocketing each year mainly due to our lifestyle choices and sedentary lifestyles. By making better or positive lifestyle choices, this will reduce our risk to chronic diseases and ensure that we maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight or obese can reduce our confidence levels and lead to the loss of opportunities for growth in all areas of our lives. It is unfortunate but the way we look often plays more of a factor in the opportunities that come our way such as job promotions. There are negative connotations that are ascribed to the obese such as laziness.

Most important, being overweight or obese reduces our lifespan. Weight loss should be looked at as a way to help our bodies function properly and reduce our risks to diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks and stroke.

To achieve this goal, unhealthy weight loss practices such as skipping meals or eliminating entire food groups such as fats or carbohydrates should not be used otherwise the weight loss shall not be long term. It is very important to ensure that we are eating the right foods. Her are two areas to watch out for in the foods that we eat.

1. Refined Grains

Any weight loss program should include the elimination of refined grains. The rule of thumb to remember is that if it is not grown in the ground, it should not be consumed. Refined grains do not qualify as being grown in the ground because in order to extend their shelf life, all the germ and bran is removed which leads to the loss of fiber, vitamins and other minerals.

Sugars, salts and the bad fats are then added during the enrichment process. If it is white, do not buy. This includes, white rice, white flour, white bread, etc, that do not contain any healthy grains that are required by the body. These "white foods" are easier to digest by the body and lead to increased blood sugar levels and insulin spikes which lead to sugar diseases such as sugar diabetes.

2. Bad Fats

Not all fats are created equal and you do not need to eliminate all fats from your diet. You need to identify the bad fats which need to be eliminated from your diet and the good fats that need to be included in your diet.

Bad fats such as trans fats lead to weight gain and other health problems and even death. Good fats such as omega 3 fatty acids found in fish provide the nutrients that your body needs as well as helping you to burn fat and lose weight.

Processed foods contain hydrogenated fats which allow foods such as chips, cookies, pies, bread, etc, to have a longer shelf life which allows the food industry to rake in the profits while you shorten your life span when you consume these toxic foods.

When a regular fat such as corn oil is combined with hydrogen in order to create a solid at room temperature, hydrogenated fats are created. These raise your cholesterol levels and triglycerides which are the fats found in blood. Increased levels lead to heart disease and other life threatening illnesses.

Read food labels and anything that contains shortening or hydrogenated oil of any kind should be eliminated since they contain trans fats which should have no place in a healthy diet.

This article only discusses two of the many elements of processed foods that lead to weight gain because they slow the metabolism and increase risks to various life threatening diseases.

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