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Every year weight kills thousands of people worldwide. This is due to the foods which people consume, which may not be healthy for them or they just eat too much of the food they are not suppose to eat.

Most dietary programs are based on a restrictive form of diet which is very difficult for a lot of persons to maintain and remain committed to these programs. The objective in these programs is to lose weight fast but as soon these programs come to an end the individual starts to gain more weight.

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This program is more than just another weight loss program. The fundamentals of this weight loss program are based on four simple and effective principles.

These principles are listed below:

· You go on the diet for 9 days and then take 2 days off and eat anything you want.

· You do some walking everyday

· You eat 4 to 5 times per day until you are satisfied

· The food that you consume will be decided by a special on site diet generator

All the above principles are what make this program a success for a lot people who have enrolled in it. However this form of diet is not a lifetime program, as fat loss 4 idiots basically helps and teaches you discipline in your eating habits which if maintain you will continue to lose weight.

Fat Loss 4 idiots Calorie Shifting

As you would have read above this program does not promote too much exercise but mainly concentrates on the food that you eat. They employ a logical approach which is calorie shifting and even though walking may seem like a non effective exercise it is one of the most effective exercise that has been proven to work. The calorie shifting method keeps metabolism burning and essentially you can eat the foods you like without feeling pressured like many other programs do.

This weight loss program meal plan is made of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables with the source of fat coming from whole food such as cottage cheese or eggs. Your regular day to day meal consumption will be divided into 4 meals that should be consumed at a maximum duration of 2 ½ hours apart. Fat loss 4 idiots have no calorie or carbohydrates counting and no limit on the amount to be consumed.

This fat loss program is very easy to adopt once you have started and you will see results very soon. This program is safe as because there is weight loss pill or starving to lose weight. Nutrition is an integral part of proper dieting and Fat Loss 4 idiots ensures this is apart of their weight loss program. Learn also how to work with your body to continue loosing weight and maintain a physique you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

NB. This weight loss program is for both men and women.

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