All You Need to Know About Sensible Weight Loss

Don't be fooled by fad diets and too good to be true weight loss systems that guarantee results, because chances are they are just that, too good to be true. Losing weight permanently requires a lifestyle change. There are no magic formulas, just knowledge, hard work and perseverance. This article provides some pointers to get you started on a sensible weight loss plan and by following these simple tips you will not only see the weight drop off but you will inevitably improve your overall health.

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In order to achieve sensible weight loss it is vital that you establish some goals. These will need to include both long term and short term goals. Try to avoid goals that can be measured on the scales. While you may have a long term weight range that you would like to achieve, setting weekly or fortnightly weight loss targets will do nothing but de-motivate you if you do not achieve these. The body does not lose weight on schedule and initially it may fight to hold onto extra weight for survival. Furthermore, if you are including exercise into your weight loss program you may actually be gaining muscle while losing body fat and this cannot be measured on the scales. Instead try to set goals that are performance based, such as walking a certain number of days per week or a certain distance in a set time and aim to improve these as you go along.

If you are carrying a little extra weight than you would like then chances are there is something about your lifestyle that has caused this. Losing weight and keeping it off requires a long term lifestyle change. Before you begin your weight loss journey it is important that you examine your current lifestyle and write down the things that may be detrimental to realising sensible weight loss. When you have established what it is you need to ditch, then you can begin implementing some healthy lifestyle alternatives. Try making some of the following part of your routine:

Drink plenty of water regularly: Studies show that people consume more calories through what they drink instead of what they eat. Try replacing all sugar laden drinks with water. Not only is it vital for the body but keeping your hydration levels up will help keep the body energised.

Eat often: The body burns calories when digesting food. Ideally you should aim to split your daily calorie intake across 5-6 small meals/ snacks as this will ensure your body is burning more energy through digestion and your metabolic rate will increase and remain high throughout the day.

Reduce portion sizes: When implementing the above tip of eating more often, portion size plays a vital role when trying to lose weight. When eating more frequently you will want to be careful not to consume more calories. Keep your portion sizes small to ensure sensible weight loss.

Reduce your intake of saturated fats: Some fats in moderation are actually good for us, but these are not saturated fats. In general, unsaturated fats are good and saturated fats are bad and should be avoided where possible. Learn which foods are high in saturated fats and try steering clear of these as much as possible.

Cut out evening carbs: One thing that I have had a lot of success with is cutting carbohydrates out of my evening meal. Your body doesn't need the energy from carbohydrates at night when you are the least active and going to bed with a belly full of carbs will only mean that it will end up stored as fat. I have also found that cutting out evening carbs stops the lethargic feeling you may experience after dinner.

Strength training: More and more people are discovering the benefits of strength training in achieving sensible weight loss. Lifting weights requires the body to work hard and therefore burn more calories. It is also well documented that the more muscle mass you have the faster your metabolic rate, meaning you are now burning more calories at a resting rate.

Get moving: I'm not talking just about increasing your exercise here. You can only exercise for a certain amount of time each day and what you do for the rest of the day can serious effect your success in attaining sensible weight loss targets. The more active you are the more calories you burn so try to live a lifestyle that gets you moving.

When you have set your sights on losing weight you are essentially aiming to improve your health, your appearance and your attitude to life. Sensible weight loss requires changing your mind set and adapting your lifestyle. Modifying the way you live life will allow you to achieve your weight loss goals and enable you to keep the weight off for good.

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