"Dr Weight Loss" - When Should You Seek a Physician For Your Weight Loss Needs?

There are many people who are unsuccessful with their personal weight loss efforts for a host of reasons. Sure, sometimes it is because the person lacks dedication to a program, but it may stem from reasons beyond ones control. In that case, it might be time to schedule an appointment with "Dr. Weight Loss", depending on your situation.

Perhaps it is due to genetics. Some people are simply large in their genetic makeup, both in bone structure and in accumulated mass. Part of this problem is muscle to fat ratio. A lot of people have a high amount of muscle which, if not exercised, appears to be flabby fat. Working out simply tightens up the mass, but doesn't readily reduce the body weight.

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It could also be due to the inefficiency of the program. Many programs can give quick results because of the drastic change in eating habits, but the body eventually adapts. It could also be due to underlying medical conditions.

Regardless of what the reasons are, it can be quite debilitating emotionally, mentally and physically to put your heart and soul into a personal or physician weight loss program only to fail. This is especially true if you have tried several diets and ended up meeting the same fate.

Why Fat is Stored

The body naturally stores fat out of a survival mechanism in case we fall onto lean times. Even though we don't experience such times much today, the body's survival instinct is still very much present and continues to function. When we eat more calories than are burned, we will experience some weight gain depending on the individual's metabolism rate.

Medical Conditions of Weight Gain

Besides the natural conditions for weight gain, there are a variety of medical conditions which can cause it as well. Some of these are natural cycles also, such as aging or pregnancy, but sometimes it can be a direct result of a more serious medical problem.

Some of the underlying medical conditions which can contribute to weight gain are endocrine diseases like hypothyroidism or Cushing syndrome, emotional states like anxiety, guilt or depression, polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive alcohol intake, or taking certain medications.

When to Consult a Medical Professional

If you have tried several weight loss programs, which didn't give you good results, it may be time to consult a medical professional to receive a complete examination of possible underlying medical causes and to obtain a prescribed physician weight loss program. Even if you were on a physician weight loss program before, there is the possibility of a misdiagnosis and, therefore, a need for a second opinion.

If you've never been fully committed to a structured and well laid out eating and exercise program, you may want to consider following one for a few months before seeking a physician's diet (it's always recommended to consult a physician prior to starting any new weight loss program). There are many inexpensive, quality weight loss programs that you may find simple to integrate into your lifestyle.


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