Fast Safe Weight Loss - How I Finally Found a Way Not to Diet

So many people look for a quick fix with regards to losing weight. They are often disappointed because in weight loss, as with anything worth having, there is real work involved. You have to watch what you eat, exercise, and stay focused on your goals. More often than not, people look for the magic diet program that is going to transform their lives. This is usually not the case, and unfortunately a lot of people end up discouraged and disappointed. The truth is that losing weight is a process, and fast safe weight loss is possible when you put yourself in the position to succeed.

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There is something radically wrong with the way we are bombarded with advertisements on television and on the internet promising super fast results with weight loss. Advertisers peddle their pills, gadgets, and hyped up products that usually end up in people's closets collecting dust.

People buy the products, but don't necessarily use them after the first week. The reason is that the newness factor wears off, and people come to the realization that they will actually have to work at weight loss to take off the pounds.

Starvation diets just don't work. You might lose weight in the beginning, but you are setting yourself up for health problems later. As a teenager, I would continually skip meals, exercise for hours everyday, and then later binge on junk food. I was incredibly moody, had no focus for my school work, and began to suffer with bouts of depression. This led to yo-yo dieting in my 20's. The damage that I was doing to my body became overwhelming, and I knew that I had to make some serious changes.

As I grew older, I would experience problems when I tried to manage my weight. I found that whenever I tried to diet, I would end up gaining weight. My sugar, and chocolate cravings were out of control. I would want wine, burgers and french fries at least a few times a week to de-stress. My blood sugar would rise and fall, and I would suffer from severe mood swings. I knew that something in my life had to change, and that only I had the power to change it.

Finally, I discovered how to eat right to nourish myself. I also found pilates, and yoga. Fast safe weight loss is about caring for yourself. It is about choosing healthy meals, drinking lots of water, and exercising in moderation. When you change your mindset and embrace a healthy lifestyle, you stop wanting to "diet", and you begin to want to become the person that you are inside.

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